how would it feel to walk into any space knowing you are worthy, valuable, loved, and that you hold the power to make all your dreams come true?

Picture yourself sitting next to a stranger and you are the first person to strike up the conversation. Maybe your sitting in a lecture or meeting and you raise your hand without hesitation to ask a question or add value. How about you submit your resume for that promotion you've been wanting all while thinking to yourself how qualified and capable you are for the position.  You register (or re-register) for college knowing you are fully capable of passing each semester and you see yourself walking across the stage with honors. 

You've created a vision board with all your BIG dreams on it but you've backed up and started to focus on the ONE that is most important to you. You have bite size daily goals that you are consistently taking action on and you see yourself moving closer to living your big dreams without overwhelm. Worn out is a word that you have intentionally removed from your vocabulary because you've created a lifestyle of simplicity that works for you and your family.

Perhaps you realize the relationship your in isn't meeting your needs, it's unhealthy, abusive, or toxic and you put your foot down and exit without looking back! You've been dating someone and things are going well you feel it's time to take the next step and make the relationship official so you voice your feelings knowing that you deserve the absolute best.

When making decisions you no longer think back to your past and allow it to make you feel unworthy, incapable or undeserving. Instead you look forward and say "YES" it's time to go for what I truly desire without letting the doubts and fears from my past keep me stuck. 

I know you're the woman who has turned away from one or all of the experiences above. Your shy, you deeply fear embarrassment and rejection, speaking up totally freaks you out and procrastination takes hold in your life every single day! This means that you have SETTLED and you haven't stepped into your truth. Not to mention you haven't created your version of lasting happiness! 

How did it feel to picture yourself doing the things above? Exciting, freeing, exhilarating, amazing, satisfying, ecstatic, courageous, liberated, pleased, tenacious, and spirited?! I want you to know that you can totally be, do, have all of those amazing experiences above AND SO MANY MORE!