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Ready to clean up your inner critic, get clear on your most important goal, create doable action steps you can execute without overwhelm all while going in Christ to increase your confidence?


There you are living yet another year carrying around the shame and/or guilt of your past. You walk around day after day with low self-confidence because the prayer you've been praying for confidence has gone unanswered yet again. The the to-do list you created has grown by leaps and bounds despite your effort to GET ER'DONE!

What if your life looked almost exactly the way it looks on average right NOW in 3, 5, 10, or 20 years? Does that terrify you? Does that make you sick to your stomach? Are you headed for the couch so you can curl up in the fetal position and cry? 

I AM! Indecision is Exhausting. You get so in your head that living 10 years like that is self imposed torture.


Indecision_All In My Head_Move Forward

Think about it like this...

Whether your the woman who:

Gets in her own head and then STRUGGLES to make a decision

Tugs and toys with the idea of starting a business or creating a new product/service

Is tossing around the idea of deepening her education (degrees/certifications/licensees) 

Has barely pried herself out of a toxic/unhealthy relationship and you feels you’re going crazy & you're searching for your normal again



The reason you're overwhelmed by your amazing goal is because it's HUGE. Huge goals need to be broken down into bite-size pieces or else you'll continue to feel stuck! And if you continue to feel stuck you won't make any progress!

Another reason you are tugging and toying with your goals is because of FEAR! Your fear will have your life looking exactly the same as it does right now in 3, 5, 10, 20 years. Because it will keep you from stepping outside of your comfort zone.

You also have the worry that you won't receive the assurance from God that your heart of hearts so deeply yearns for, that you'll never be able to relate to the Bible or trust yourself to move where Go is calling you. 

Broken Inside

After all, you ask where is God calling me?


I have good news!

These are ALL things you have the POWER to change if you choose!

You can change these at ANY point, at ANY age, in ANY situation without ANYONE'S permission!


But before we get into all that let's talk.

The truth is you're ignoring your ABILITY to gain CONFIDENCE because it REQUIRES you to LEAVE your ever so comfortable comfort zone.

You're ignoring the GRACE and FORGIVENESS God has already extended to you.

You're ignoring that the DREAMS in your HEART are from God.

You're missing the similarities you have with those in the Bible because you have yet to persist in the word & seek support.

You're ignoring the GREATNESS you have been CREATED with from BEFORE you were born.

You're ignoring the FEAR you have around TRUSTING yourself to create a basic plan and execute.


Do you REALIZE that if you CONTINUE to live your life ignoring all of those things you'll:


> Never gain the confidence you DESIRE which means you will continue to play small and scared never truly living out your ONE life!

> Never be able to see yourself THROUGH God's eyes which open you up to a world of endless POSSIBILITIES! You'll never see or experience all God has for you!

> Never ACHIEVE the proof that you need to see all that's possible for you. When you persist in the word you'll find biblical characters that resonate with you, you'll see their God led transformation. 

> Always be a FOLLOWER and never a LEADER. You'll never help the people God created you to help. You'll never create the impact your HEART desires. 

> Never feel FULFILLED and you'll always feel like something is MISSING

> You'll never be able to change the course for GENERATIONS to come because you have closed yourself off to the OPPORTUNITIES


Aren't you tired?

Aren't you tired of feeling like you have so much to do/create but you don't know where to begin? 

Aren't you tired of feeling like you aren't good enough no matter how hard you try to be?

Aren't you tired of ending your day utterly worn out and exhausted all while feeling totally unproductive because you haven't seen the fruits of your labor yet?

Aren't you tired of feeling frustrated and defeated on the inside all while trying to hold it together for those on the outside (or online)?

Aren't you tired of feeling like everyone else is experiencing God except you?


Love, together I'll help you create a plan and execute with less overwhelm that you've ever thought POSSIBLE. I'll also help you tune into the infinite source of support and healing. By that I mean, you will turn to God to help you every step of your plan so that you can achieve your goal with ease feeling 100% supported. Plus you'll also get to see yourself through His loving, affectionate, and ever so merciful eyes instead of your nasty inner critic.


I've been the follower, I've been the girl hiding in the back allowing shame and guilt to water down any hope of confidence blooming inside. 

I've been the girl who let my past lead me into believing I wasn't qualified or capable of achieving the dreams tucked away in my heart.

I've been a follower of the world and let my prayer life go stale and my Bible collect dust on the shelf.

I've been the girl tugging and toying with the idea of starting my own business because I could only see how unqualified I was and how risky the desire was.

I've been the girl who's pried herself out of an unhealthy relationship only to realize I felt lost, crazy, and a utter mess. I searched to find myself and become a woman I never imagined possible.

I've been the woman who gets in her own head and then STRUGGLES to make a decision.

I've been the girl gasping for God to assure her she's on the right path, His path. I've been the girl totally disconnected when attempting to read the word.


I get it girl.

You are NOT alone!

You don't have to be that girl anymore!


I'm none of those things anymore. Instead...



I'm the woman who no longer follows, now I lead by sharing my past and using it as fuel to propel myself and my clients forward

I'm the woman who knows that God equipped and qualified me before I ever left my mothers womb

I'm the woman who knows I've gotten this far in life because of the POWER of prayer and leaning into the holy word

I'm the woman who goes all in to propel my business forward so that God can continue to use me as His vessel to reach the masses

I'm the woman who knows I have a lot to bring to the table and I don't lower my standards to make others feel comfortable

I'm the woman who makes quick decisions because I know indecision gets me nowhere fast

I'm the woman who's confident in her God-led path 

I'm the woman who easily relates to Moses, Queen Esther, Joseph, David and many other characters in the Bible


I promise transformation is AVAILABLE for YOU through the Stuck 2 Started Program!

Take the next step and say YES to yourself affirming that you were MADE for MORE!

I'm providing the OPPORTUNITY right HERE, right NOW


Join us in the Stuck 2 Started Mini Group Program

Investment of $237


Don't take my word for it, check out what Andria did!



When you join Stuck 2 Started Mini Group Program you'll walk away with:


> The ability to continue to set and execute your goals without overwhelm

> The confidence to believe in yourself enough to take the needed leaps of faith in life

> Tools that help you connect with God regularly so that you are 100% supported in all you do

> Resources that help you to continue to identify blind spots that are holding you back from reaching your full potential and how to eliminate them

> Discover how to gain clarity around which areas of your life to focus on where you currently are in life so that you ditch the overwhelm and guilt

> Accountability and support from myself and the other women going through the program alongside you

> Lifetime access to the course which gives you first access to any future updates I do to the course all for FREE

> Lifetime connections with other women in the program who understand where you are and where you're going so you aren't on this journey by yourself even for a second

> You'll know you have what it takes to live a joy filled life

> You'll no longer allow your past to determine your future

> You'll learn to ask for what you need instead of suffocating in silence

> You'll realize the importance of making time for yourself (because you can't pour from an empty cup)


Investment of $237

Our journey together...

Wondering What our journey together will look like?


Once you join Stuck 2 Started, you'll get instant access to everything you need to go from Stuck 2 Started. 

Each week includes video trainings, workbooks, printable, and a live Q&A group call that will help you go from Stuck 2 Started.

Here's what we'll be covering each week:


Module 1:

We will define the blind spots that are holding you back from reaching your full potential and eliminating them so that you can set and achieve your goals with ease.


Module 2

you have multiple areas in your life that are important to you: family, career, personal, spiritual, and health...tackling all these at the same time would be overwhelming. In this module you will discover which one to focus on right now so that you uplevel without feeling overwhelmed.


Module 3

is where you will take your goals and break them down into manageable pieces so what was scary and overwhelming is now completely doable.


Module 4

in this module you will tune into the infinite source of support and healing: you will turn to God to help you every step of your plan so that you can achieve your goal with ease feeling 100% supported.

As if the value provided in the 4 weeks wasn't enough for you to transform your life I 10x it! I believe in the power of community over competition which is why I'm bringing in 4 experts to help you go even further with the course modules! I want you to have transformation after transformation. A-ha moment after a-ha moment!

bonus: guest experts

In addition to our weekly live group coaching call I've added a guest expert training that directly relates to each module topic. I am super EXCITED to have these amazing women as guest experts because I know they are only going to add in aiding to your success. 

Penny Norket:

Penny is a women's empowerment coach, inspirational speaker, author, wife, mom and nanny. Who better to give you additional help in our first module MINDSET? Penny knows the POWER mindset has in ALL area's of our life and she will be providing you with empowerment, tools, and techniques that will further help you identify the blind spots holding you back and how to move through them to create your dreams!

Adriannia Robinson:

Adriannia is The Creative Rebel, she creates a culture of entrepreneurial freedom one life changed at a time in a variety of forms. Adriannia's personal life story is one of true INSPIRATION and she shows us how much is TRULY possible no matter where we find ourselves in life, the best is YET to come. She will be doing a goal setting training to further help you with managing all areas of your life effectively. 

Erica Latrice: 

Erica is a speaker , published author and has served as a media expert on platforms alongside some of the top producers in television, radio and print media worldwide. She also host her own podcast and television show Be Inspired! So what better person to help you take ACTION on your GOALS?! Get ready for her to share tips, empowerment, and techniques that will help you set your goals are have you living your dreams sooner than later!

Myla Saavedra: 

Myla is an amazing coach who uses her faith in Christ to help women life life confidently by working on their mindset and self-esteem. She will be doing a live training to help you deepen your faith with Christ so that you can live a confident life while creating your fierce dreams!



It's time for you to feel focused, have clarity, and direction in your life!

It's time for you to feel confident, valuable, and worthy in your life!

It's time for you to end your day feeling achieved, competent, and important in this world.

It's time for you to discover who you are, what you truly desire, and then create a customized plan to take action so that you can begin to live it out!

It's time for you to have that deep intimate you crave with Christ

It's time for you to DREAM BIG and go from STUCK 2 STARTED!

This is exactly what Stuck 2 Started program was designed to help you do!


Investment of $237
or book your discovery call now

Staci is the go-to person when it comes to completing your goals. She has a way of identifying small steps and really seeing the qualities in others that they often overlook. I would highly recommend her not only for my personal goals but for anyone who is ready to stop playing small.
— Erica Latrice, TV Host & Empowerment Speaker

You'll be getting...


Program Logistics:

4 x 45 minute live (recorded) Q&A/teaching calls  (one a week for 4 weeks)

Replays of the live call sent out within 24-48hrs of the live call ending

Private Facebook Group only for those in the S2S program

Limited e-mail & Messenger support. I've added this for added support in case you have questions and don't want to wait for our weekly call 

Access to weekly videos, workbooks, and other resources that will help you gain control of your life and live your most blessed life

Lifetime access to the membership site - which means you can reuse the materials given within the site as your goals and dreams change


Investment of $237

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in this program. I enjoyed the structure of the lessons and the content. I also saw where I could improve my methods and my thoughts and grow as an individual. I learnt where to focus my energy and make a change. Overall, I saw many results from the program.
— Mandy Halgreen, Writing Strategist for entrepreneurs and influencers

Got questions?


Frequently asked questions


How much time will this program take?

The program is set up to take 4 weeks doing one module each week. However, if you need to spend more or less time in any module you are totally free to do so. You will have lifetime access to the course content which means you can go back over any areas you feel you'd like to spend more time in.

In each module I've provided you with implementation templates, guides, and videos to help you take action faster and effectively. 


Can I just do this myself?

Absolutely, you can take all the nuggets I've dropped on this page and use them to move forward in your life. However, it would be faster, easier, and more supportive if you decide to join the Stuck 2 Started program. 

I also want to point out that if you have yet to change on your OWN then it's something you struggle with. Am I right? If you can do it on your own why are you still feeling stuck, frustrated, and not enough? 

If you have yet to change on your OWN then it’s something that you AREN’T going to make happen. There will always be something that comes up, something that stands in your way, another reason as to why NOW isn’t a good time. Seriously, just take a few moments to think about all that has “come up” in your life and stopped you from making progress on living out your dreams up until this point in your life.

When you invest in the Stuck 2 Started program you are investing in the course content yes but you are also investing in my support, the support of your group members, the personalized feedback I'll give you inside of the FB group, accountability, and honesty. These things will move you forward in your life so much quicker.


Is there a guarantee that I’ll become the woman I desire and achieve my dreams during this program?

The short answer is NO. The reason it’s a no is because your results depend on whether you show up and do the work. I can guarantee that I’ll show up and support you 100% and if you do the same then you’ll achieve results :)!


What happens if I don’t get through all the modules within the 4 weeks?

No worries, I’m giving you lifetime access so you can pick up where you left off anytime! I know life happens and unexpected things come up so no need to worry.


What happens if I miss our weekly live call(s)?

I will be recording all of the live calls and I’ll give you access to the replay within 24 hours of the call ending even if you were on the live call. If you know in advance that you’ll miss the call you can also email me any questions you have and I can answer them live (this way others can benefit from the information as well).


How is Stuck 2 Started different from any other programs?

Stuck 2 Started meets you where you are and allows you to truly start from there. Each module builds on top of the other so that you can execute on your goals without overwhelm. The program also includes deepening your personal relationship with Christ so that you can be 100% supported while moving toward your dreams. 

Many other programs leave out the spiritual element, Christ, which is the most essential part of achieving your dreams. 

Stuck 2 Started allows you to create a mindset that supports your success, focus on your most important goal now, create doable action steps which allow you to execute without overwhelm all while growing closer to God. 


You have two options

Option 1: You can CONTINUE to feel overwhelmed, stuck, and wonder how the years have went by without YOU moving towards YOUR goal. Continue to wonder why you aren't making any progress despite your big ideas and the action you are taking.

Option 2: OR you can join the program and get the support you NEED to achieve your goals.

The choice is yours love!


Investment of $237