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Below you will find numerous resources such as workbooks, worksheets, templates, and journal prompts. I've created all these so that you can dive deep into who you are, what you love, what your truth is and what big dreams have been buried deep within. Doing all these things will transform you into the confident, authentic, and amazing woman you have dreamed of becoming. 


Self-Awareness Worksheet

This is a six page worksheet filled with questions to make you think about something so important, yourself. Take your time to answer these questions the best you can. Know that there aren't any right or wrong answers here. We have to start where we are with what we have right now there are no magic slippers that we can click together and change our life. 

Self-love Journal Prompts

Ever wonder what you're supposed to include in a journal? I know I did. It felt like I would only write in it when I was upset and I didn't want to record only negative memories. A journal is quite personal so you get to decide what you include, how often you write in it, what the topics are, etc. I've found journaling with a purpose helps me gain clarity in my life overall. It also helps me keep track of my strengths, struggles, gratitude, prayers, answered prayers, and my goals + wins. In this workbook I've included three full pages of journal prompts. You can pick as many or as few to journal on each day and mix it up by adding some of your own as you get comfortable. Happy Journaling. 

Self-love Journal.png
My Dream Workbook.png

Dream Workbook

The following is your personal dream workbook. You can download it and fill it in right away or use the prompts and record your answers in a journal. The purpose of this workbook is for you to explore your dreams, take your time, explore, write whatever comes to mind without filtering it. As you continue throughout the workbook you'll work on gaining clarity around your dreams and prioritizing them so they become your reality. 

Thoughts Workbook.png

Thought Workbook

I've created a fillable workbook for you to record your thoughts over the next five days. The way it works is you randomly write down your thoughts several times a day over the course of five days. After the initial five days is over go back and read over all your thoughts. There is another page in the workbook where you'll sort through all those thoughts and begin to reprogram your beautiful mind. Click below to access this amazing workbook and all the details inside.

24hr Workbook.png

24 Hour Workbook

This is a fillable workbook that will help you become aware of your day-to-day life. Once you've completed that aspect you'll next look at what exactly you'd like to be doing, and from there create goals with actionable steps for completion. Click below to access the full workbook plus all the details.