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Welcome go-getter! 

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Welcome to 'Stuck 2 Started' lady! I am so excited to have you here in this amazing (might I even add life changing) 4-week program. We all have dreams and goals that are unique and important to us. Sometimes we even start on accomplishing them until something happens and we get side tracked. Next thing we know for whatever reason we have abandoned our dreams and goals for more time than we would like to admit. 

This exact reason is what prompted me to create this program. Just to give you a personal example it took me 7 years to receive my associates degree! Oh yeah, you read that correctly, 7 years! You see there was lots of starting but never really finishing due to a lack of prioritizing, a lack of believing in myself, a lack of commitment to my dreams and goals plus a host of other things. Not to mention life happens and throws us off course as well. 

But you know what? I did get my associates degree and two years after that I graduated with my bachelors degree. Not to brag but both times I graduated with honors and I am also a first generation college graduate in my family. So this was major, not only for me but for my family. I made a new path despite all the difficulties and setbacks I had in my life, I showed my family that our past doesn't have to define us, I showed them we can use our past as fuel for our future, most importantly I set a new normal for my daughter and so much more.

Now is your chance to do just that and more. Maybe your not wanting to go back to college. It could be starting a business, unleveling the business you do have, changing direction career wise, getting your G.E.D, getting healthy/fit, being more present with your family and friends, cleaning and organizing your home, learning how to get your daily do'do's done. I want you to know the time is now. It's time to finish what you have started and I'll be right by your side to help you do just that. 

You started this thing because it's important to you. I don't want you to forget that. It's time that you make it a priority in your life and finish! 

I'll leave you with this, your dreams matter, your goals are important (not only for you but for your family), you are capable, you are worth it, and you can do anything you commit + put your mind to. Let's go finish what YOU started!


Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
— George Addair




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course overview

I want to give you a brief overview of the course to help you get the most out of it. I encourage you to click around the membership site so you can familiarize yourself with where everything is at. With all the different modules plus bonus material I've given you I don't want you missing out on anything, take in all the goodness I've created just for you. 

I've designed this course to be digested one module at a time which means one module per week. So you have Monday-Sunday to get the workbook finished + take action. I want to help you NOT overwhelm you. With that being said the workbooks are on the shorter side and the 'work' may even seem simple to you at times. I urge you not to discount it because it serves a big purpose & it works. Having a strong foundation and gaining awareness is absolutely crucial to finishing later down the road. 

Now there may be times when you are feeling a little (or a lot) discomfort. I want you to experience discomfort because your life begins outside of your comfort zone. Finishing requires stepping out and 'doing' (while feeling all the feels) all the things we've put off for whatever reason. Now don't get me wrong I'm all about big dreams, hence my business name, but big dreams are nothing without action to back them up. However, if you feel like you need to work on something in another module that is totally fine. 

Just a reminder I come from a very Christian-centric belief system and that is reflected in my work, this program is no exception. This program would not exist without God and all He has done in my life. All I do is to glorify Him and worship Him through the gifts He has given me. 

Know that this program works if you work it, much like anything else in life, our dreams don't come true by wishing upon a star or begging God. We have to do the work God has given us the ability to do. I'm not sure who's more excited about you joining this program you or me! I consider you a blessing, a woman with gifts, a woman with a purpose, a woman who is going to stand on her story to propel her forward, a daughter of God, a sister in Christ, a woman who is going to finish what she started and I am honored to be involved in a part of that.

Module overview

Module 1 is all about defining the blind spots that are holding you back from reaching your full potential and eliminating them so that you can set and achieve your goals with ease.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
— George Bernard Shaw

Module 2 you have multiple areas in your life that are important to you: family, career, personal, spiritual, and health...tackling all these at the same time would be overwhelming. In this module you will discover which one to focus on right now so that you uplevel without feeling overwhelmed.

Without a goal there can be no real success.
— Thomas Monson

Module 3 is where you will take your goals and break them down into manageable pieces so what was scary and overwhelming is now completely doable.


Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that.
— Jordan Belfort

Module 4 in this module you will tune into the infinite source of support and healing: you will turn to God to help you every step of your plan so that you can achieve your goal with ease feeling 100% supported.

It’s not about how Christian you look from the outside. It’s about your personal relationship with God.
— Unknown


If at any point you don't understand something I am asking you to do (or think about) or you just have a question about something different feel free to reach out and email me at staci@bigdreamsandbighearts.com. I am here to support you to my highest ability. I am ready to see you finish. These modules are here to provide you with structured resources so that you get the absolute most from it and our calls together.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey because there is so much beauty in it. 

Xo Staci

Mod 1: Mindset


Mod 1: Mindset

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Module 1: mindset


Thoughts Workbook...

I've created a fillable workbook for you to record your thoughts over the next five days. The way it works is you randomly write down your thoughts several times a day over the course of five days. Your writing down what's going on in your head, what are you telling yourself, what is your inner critic saying, what emotions are you feeling, etc. After the initial five days is over go back and read over all your thoughts. There is another page in the workbook where you'll sort through all those thoughts and begin to reprogram your beautiful mind. This is where we create a strong solid foundation for you to finish later. Our thoughts become things so self-awareness & disciple in this area is crucial. Click below to access this amazing workbook and all the details inside.


In addition to the thoughts workbook I have created an 'I Will' guide to help you retrain your thoughts, your words, and see things in a more positive frame. It's about 3 pages of affirmations which you can say out loud or mentally numerous times each day. I highly encourage you to take these affirmations and transform them into something that has meaning for YOU so that they work. When we can evoke emotion within ourselves then things become real and that's what we want to do with these affirmations. Doing this allows these positive messages to get into your subconscious and therefore create lasting change in your mind. When we start to approach things with an 'I will' attitude and "everything works out as it should as long as I do my part' attitude we begin to see our dreams come true. 

Something I do personally is tell the devil he will not win and he no longer has control over my life. Then in return I talk with God thanking Him for making a way for me and creating me with great purpose. I lean on Him and ask Him to continue to guide me, give me wisdom, give me courage, and give me a sense of calm no matter what the circumstance is I face. This has been a powerful practice in my own life. These affirmations I created for you are also things I use to help me stay positive and calm. So give them a try and watch as your mindset transforms in amazing ways you never imagined. 

I have one last thing I need for you to do, for you. Let this exercise be the very last thing you do (do the workbook first). I want you to reach out to 3 (Yesss 3, don't cheat because you'll be cheating yourself majorly) people who you know well and ask them questions like:

*If you had to use 5 words or less to describe me what would they be?
*What do you feel I'm good at/gifted in/my superpower is?
*How do (have) I impacted your life?
*How do you see me flourishing?
*What does having me as your friend look and feel like to you? 

Ask at least three out of the five questions and if you really want to be a rockstar ask them all five. You may want to reach out to more than three people and know that's totally fine. The more the merrier. I know this may feel weird and scary for some of you but remember everything I've created serves a bigger purpose. We often don't see ourselves the way our loved ones do. It will help you to see yourself through their eyes, a fresh new perspective, trust the process we are working towards kicking your inner critic to the backseat here.

Once you have everyone's answers combine all of them onto one document. Get still and really receive the feedback given, reflect on it and then post it some place you will see it often. Go back to this anytime you are having negative thoughts about yourself, your abilities, your relationships, your worth, etc. 

P. S. You are an amazing, worthy, capable, creative, intelligent and beautiful daughter of God. 

Mod 2: Goal Setting


Mod 2: Goal Setting

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module 2: goal setting


Dream Workbook...

The following is your personal dream workbook. You can download it and fill it in right away or use the prompts and record your answers in a journal. The purpose of this workbook is for you to explore your dreams, take your time, write whatever comes to mind without filtering it. When I say dreams I mean all of them not just dreams you have in one particular area of your life. Think health, nutrition, career, marriage, business, parenting, travel, etc. As you continue throughout the workbook you'll work on gaining clarity around your dreams and this will come in handy next week for action taking.  


This is your last exercise for this module (so complete it after you've done the workbook). Look over your TOP 3 goals you've set for the next 30 days and ask yourself the following question and then journal on it (answer it by writing it down).

*Why haven't I already done these things? (Ask this for each goal and write your answer).

Doing this isn't meant to make you feel any negative way. This helps you name what's blocking you, any limiting beliefs and fears you have. Then you can actually see it on paper with a name which means you now have awareness. This is a beautiful thing and will allow us to work through them and overcome each one. 

You can email me this exercise at staci@bigdreamsandbighearts.com so we can look at what the next step is to overcoming those specific blocks. 

P. S. These are things that can DEFINITELY be OVERCOME. We ALL have different blocks we must work through, this is 100% normal my beautiful sister in Christ. 

Mod 3: Action Taking


Mod 3: Action Taking

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module 3: action taking

Thoughts (2).png

Action Taking Workbook...

Last week you used a dream workbook to help you explore your dreams. As you continued throughout the workbook you worked on gaining clarity around your dreams (amazing work by the way). Now it's time to pull that workbook back out. This week (in this workbook) you will begin to prioritize your dreams so they will become your reality. It's time to really start taking action (having more F.U.N) and getting all that God has created you for.


This is your last exercise for this module (complete your workbook first). In the workbook I had you write down actions you will take in order to accomplish your goals (the smaller the action; the more you break it down the better & more doable it becomes) now I want you to focus on how this will make you feel. Please answer the questions below in as much detail as possible by journaling on them.

*When you take (insert your action here) and accomplish (insert your goal here) you'll feel?
*How will YOU accomplishing that goal impact your life?
*How are you going to celebrate YOU accomplishing your goal?

P. S. Each action you take no matter how small or big IS putting you closer to YOUR goals.

Mod 4: Spirituality


Mod 4: Spirituality

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module 4: spirituality


God Prompts...

The following is a PDF with prompts to help you begin your conversation with God. I know that having an active (daily) prayer life can be difficult to cultivate. I would often wonder how to start, what to talk about, and when to end. So I created these God prompts to help you get started. I want you to know there is no right or wrong way to pray, God loves us so much and He desires to connect with us. Feel free to add your own prompts along the way when something comes up for you.  


I also want to share some tips with you to help you get closer to God. I know we all have to find out what works for us and that process alone can be difficult and/or frustrating! I've attached a PDF with several different options to help you grow in your personal relationship with God my hope is that you find at least one thing that helps you. 


Before you do this exercise please make sure you have looked over the prompts & tips I provided above. For this exercise I would like for you to write (by hand with pen/pencil and paper) a letter to God. This is for your eyes only unless you decide to share it with someone. I want you to be totally honest with Him. Put anything and everything out there I want you to hold nothing back. Get wild and free with Him. All the worry, stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness and confusion you have been feeling tell Him about it even if you feel that way towards Him right now, be honest. He already knows all anyways but He delights in us telling Him ourselves. Just vomit all your thoughts and feelings onto the paper after all He's the only one who can handle it all.

P. S. Let go and let God you are well cared for & loved forever and ever. 





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I want you to be reminded of how amazing, free, loved, worthy and deserving you are at all times. So I created several different wallpapers for your desktop just for this reason. Pick which ever one speaks to you. All you have to do is click on the picture and download it to your device then it's ready to use. 


Call Schedule


Call Schedule

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Below is a schedule for our calls. 

Module 1 Mindset: Thursday, January 12th @ 9 PM CST
Click here to listen to the replay

Module 2 Goal Setting: Thursday, January 19th @ 9 PM CST
Click here to listen to the replay

Module 3 Action Taking: Thursday, January 26th @ 9 PM CST

No replay due to tech issues- sorry ladies
Module 4 Spirituality: Thursday, February 2nd @ 9 PM CST

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