What's a Mama to do?

In life we are given many opportunities to make an impact in the world we live in. However, when I think about people making an impact my mind automatically envisions missionaries overseas, huge nonprofits and disaster relief organizations. These are all well and good, the world needs them and their massive impact.

But we can create an amazingly big impact right in our own home, from the comfort of our couch, kitchen or bed, even in our pj's with coffee in hand. Oh, the power we hold in our day-to-day lives. 

You were born to make an impact.

If you’re a mom you probably have these tiny humans that follow you everywhere, even into the bathroom while you poop. At what age do they grow out of that by the way? A mama needs to know because I’m six and a half years in and it’s still happening. 

Anyways back to those tiny humans that follow us around all the t.im.e. It is through them that we have the opportunity and privilege to cultivate massive impact in the world. That’s right you don’t need to sell everything you own, create a capsule wardrobe (unless you want to), fly across the country and live in a one-room hut in order to create an impact. Honestly, I am quite relieved about this and I am going out on a limb here to say that you are as well. It’s quite refreshing to know that we are of service, we contribute to the world, we are cultivating change and all from the location of our choice with the people we love the most surrounding us.

Recently my daughter and I went out for a walk and exploration adventure downtown. It was a beautiful day on the island and I could not bare the thought of us sitting in the house numbing our minds with electronic devices so off we went.

During our walk, we had many interesting conversations but one stands out above the rest. My daughter, Maddi, informed me she no longer wanted to have a birthday party this year. Instead, she wanted to go to New York as a family. She’s never been to New York and neither have I. She has seen images of New York on T.V and in books though so it’s peaked her curiosity as it has mine. I loved that she would rather celebrate turning 7-years-old by exploring a new place than have a birthday party. After all who remembers even half of their childhood parties anyway? I know I don’t recall many of mine. I’m now thinking of how amazing it would be to begin saying a sweet goodbye to childhood birthday parties for her and hello to exploring the unknown in celebration of a new year full of new opportunities.

Every action we take impacts the lives of others around us. The question is: Are you aware of Your impact?
— Arthur Carmazzi

As our conversation unfolded that day I realized my ideas impacted her and her perception of what is important in life. I mean, I have realized this in other ways previously, but in this fashion, it was a first. What ways do you want your child to view life and new experiences? What example are you setting to help them accomplish this?

I believe experiences are more important than things. I did not grow up traveling but it is something I definitely want my child to experience. In order to do that I need to practice self-control in other areas of my life so that I will have the freedom and the finances to travel with my child. It means I have to say no to instant gratification more often not just when it comes to my daughters wants but also my own.

What we pour into our children is what helps determine the kind of adult they will become. Which helps determine the type of impact they will have on the world throughout their life. I remind myself that I am raising an adult and what I introduce to her now affects the adult she will become.

Those tiny hands we see under the bathroom door (assuming we had the rare chance to shut the door before they realized where we are) are the same hands that will impact the world. So remember you are not just a mom. You are raising our future generation, you are teaching them about life and helping them explore their unique purpose in this world. You, my dear, are making an impact on scales greater than you imagine, on the daily I might add.

To a life of creating impact one day at a time.

To Our Dreams & Beyond,

XO Staci