Lately, I've been thinking often about impact, specifically about the possibility of making an impact. This topic wasn't something I pondered much if at all for most of my life. So why was it consuming my mind now? I believe it's because I began to realize how possible it is for one person to have a massive impact in the world. 

We hear how possible this is often but it doesn't "click" for most of us, at least that has been my personal experience and my experience in working with others. As I was sitting in Sunday school class the other morning it "clicked" for me. I thought to myself, Staci, look at Adam and Eve. Look at the massive impact they had on the world. Adam and Eve made one decision and then took one action and impacted all of humanity. Eve was the first woman to do so and Adam was the first man to do so.

Maybe we won't be impacting all of humanity with our one decision and our one action but we will have an impact. Making an impact isn't near as impossible as we make it to be. This I've come to know and believe. My hope is that you will come to know and believe that as well when you read this article.

Let's break it down so that you can let go of all the excuses, lies and misinformation that has accumulated throughout your life. In all realness, you can make an impact by displaying kindness. Doing something for someone who isn't expecting it at all definitely impacts them which impacts their mood and gratitude which impacts others they come in contact with throughout the day. Say you'd like to make a larger impact than what I described above, know that is totally possible too.

Below we will explore just how one person can make a large impact on the world just by using the tools I've plainly written out for you below.

Step 1: Get clear and set your intention.

What do you want to happen? How do you want the world to be changed? You need not know all the details or all the how's just have an idea of what type of impact you'd like to have on the world.

Step 2: In order to go global we often need to start local

What would need to happen locally for this change to happen? List all these out without filtering anything.

Step 3: Take one action.

In reference to the list you made above in step 2 what's the #1 action you can take now? You just need to take one action to start your journey to impacting the world. If that one action seems to big for you to take on then break it down into smaller action steps. 


Remember we aren't trying to race we are creating a lasting impact, that requires time, it requires doing things. So if that means taking steps that seem smaller than baby steps it is totally ok, seriously, you are making progress and all of your steps add up to create change. Please do not be so hard on yourself, that is what keeps us stuck and what keeps us from being the change we wish to see in the world. Think about it like this if that one action causes you to become overwhelmed the chances of you taking action are quite slim. However, if you break that action down into smaller more doable pieces you aren't going to become paralyzed and therefore you'll begin making that impact you've been dreaming about.

Step 4: Complete and Repeat

Once you have completed that first action from step #3 it's then time to go back to the list you created in step #2. Guess what happens from there? You head right back to step #3 and complete another action. You will continue this cycle until you have reached your goal, until you have made that amazing impact and until you have become the change you wish to see in the world.


Congratulations, you just made an impact on the world! Now that you've got the tools you need and the confidence to impact the world the next important thing you can do is share this with others. Each time you share it with someone you are expanding that impact and then they can go out and impact the world in their own unique way. It's a beautiful cycle that we can continue to fuel which continues to impact the world in many ways over.

To Our Dreams & Beyond,

XO Staci


P.S. I would love to know how you are dreaming of impacting the world. Comment below and share so we can cheer you on to victory.