Goal Setting Minus the Overwhelm

How many times a day do you hear or see people discussing the importance of goal setting? Is it something like 18793? At least, right? Or maybe it just feels that way!

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It's all for good reason though. Goal setting is what helps us achieve our dreams. If we don't set goals we have no map to achieve and live out our dreams. You've got to know where you're headed in order to get there, right? Right!

I've noticed many people (myself included) get stuck between our goals and when/where/how to start. What happens then? We become frustrated with ourselves, beat ourselves up for not taking action and then we procrastinate when we get an idea that could move us a step closer to reaching our outcome.

So we keep ourselves in this same self-defeating cycle. No Bueno! 

What if I told you that you cold put an end to this? What if I said you could start to create goals, take action, and continue taking action until you reached that specific goal - then you could rinse and repeat with new goals, what would you say to that?


Well, my love, this is totally possible and available for YOU! I've created a simple 5-step goal setting workbook to help you go from stuck to started as soon as today if you'd like.


I've noticed that most of us skip the small steps because we want to get the results now! So we tell ourselves that those small steps aren't important and pass right over them. After all, we don't want small results we want big results, right? Well, the thing is that doesn't work for everyone and it's best to be realistic with what works best for you not everyone else.

Small steps have many benefits such as:

*Reducing or even eliminating our overwhelm

*Allows us to feel accomplished each step we take

*Builds our confidence and proves we can stick with something

*Helps us prioritize

*Helps us establish consistency in planning + action taking

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Stop skipping the small steps love. It's hurting you more than it's helping you, your dreams, and your family. It's ok to take a step back, regroup, plan (a little) and then move forward with clear steps.

Click here to download my simple 5-step goal setting workbook to take you from stuck to started! Are you good with setting goals but not so good when it comes to finishing them? Then this is for you as well. Click here to download. 

To Our Dreams & Beyond,
XO Staci

Download your copy of my simple 5-step goal setting workbook right here