From Blah to Bam In Your Life


You hear that awful sound of your alarm and you reach over to hit snooze yet again. You had another late night and yes another early morning. The day seems like any other.

You know you have some things to attend to but you don't actually have a plan of action. What's the most important thing you need to get done that day and what is that thing bringing you towards? You are just aimlessly dragging yourself along. I almost said floating along, but your not floating you are having to drag yourself through life.

Why is that? It could be for a number of reasons. But a big one is a lack of goals, dreams, aspirations, desires, whatever you'd like to call them. Directly following those dreams and aspirations should be beginning steps to get you there.

Give yourself a timeline, when will you have that dream? What year, month, day, time?

Once you write that down then figure out your next step. What's the thing you need to do next to get your closer to achieving that dream? Then do that thing. You just keep that up. 

You don't have to have everything all figured out and planned perfectly. In fact we often never start because we feel like that's what we must have before starting.

No ma'am, you don't have to know how everything is going to work out or each step you will need to take along the way or even your next 5 steps. All you need is one step. After that think what's my next step? Things will come to you along the way you are being guided towards your true purpose you just have to trust that and keep up those positive thoughts. 

How do I know this anyways? Because I was there. I didn't start because I had no plan of action.

I didn't research what my first step would be. I didn't write down a date I would achieve my dream. I didn't envision myself actually having that thing or doing that thing I wanted so badly. It was always off in some far off time that I found hard to see actually coming to be for me. 

Did I accomplish some pretty amazing things? Yes, I did. But since I wasn't doing any of those things I mentioned above it took me ridiculous amounts of time to accomplish them. It made things so much harder for me because I would stop working toward them for extended periods of time before I'd be able to muster up the motivation to start again. 

Those positive thoughts I was talking about earlier were few and far between for me. I had more negative, self defeating talk going on paired with tons of fear and worry. It wasn't until I became aware of this that I was able to see how many limiting beliefs and blocks I had holding me back. Realizing this was such a huge thing for me because it wasn't until then I was able to take the first step to changing my mindset.

Once I began seeing how possible it was to change my mindset and then change my life I was blown away. My life started to take off in ways I had never imagined.

This is possible for you as well. Don't concern yourself with some grand plan if that seems to overwhelm you. Know that you don't need to know everything. 

Now get out there and go create the life of your dreams! 

XO Staci

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