How to Get More Out of Your Day

We all have the same 24 hours each and every day but somehow it feels like some of ours just kind of evaporates without warning, ever feel this way? Do you ever wish you had more hours in your day? Have you tried to figure out how other people seem to get more done before 11 AM than you get done all day? If so, I am excited to share these three tips with you so you can get more out of your day!


Let’s get into these three helpful tips so that you can take control of your day and make it work for you.

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#1. Know Your Goal

In order for you to get your 24 hours a day to work for you it is important that you know what it is you want to accomplish that day. If you wake up whenever (or even at a specific time) roll out of bed and rush to get dressed and head out of the door you’ll feel rushed and frazzled all day. When we feel all over the place it’s difficult to get focused and begin working on a specific task with a clear end goal in mind. When we don’t know our goal or have a plan we will waste much of our time trying to figure out what to do next. 


The way I deal with this is creating a to-do list the night before. This enables me to evaluate exactly what my high priority task for the next day are when I need quiet time for client and connection calls, and when I can plan out my high vibe activities. That way when I wake up the next morning I do not spend any time thinking about what I will do I just look at what is next on my list and begin. Of course, there is room to move things around if I feel necessary but all in all I know what I’ll be doing each day and when. 


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Just another tip here I schedule my most important things (high priority task) earlier in my day so that I am sure to get them done and it boost my confidence and my motivation for the rest of the day. When I know I’ve already completed my most important task I feel empowered and the motivation to get more done naturally arises. It also proves to myself that I have what it takes to get my work done and that I can be productive when I create a plan that works for me. 


The problem with scheduling our high priority task later in the day is that things are more likely to “come up” which means those task will get pushed back to later and that could end up days, weeks, or months after! Not to mention, as our day gets later we become more tired and distracted and therefore aren’t as productive and efficient.

#2. Reduce Your Distractions


It’s no secret that we are all bombarded by countless distractions daily. Most of us don’t even realize how many times a day we are distracted and how much time we “waste” due to these. I think it’s accurate to say that most of us have a smartphone readily available almost all of the time. If you’re anything like me it’s even in the bathroom while you are taking a shower so that you can listen to music, podcast interviews or audiobooks. The truth is we are always attached to a huge distraction if we don’t put the right boundaries in place. Our phones receive notifications for practically everything these days! From phone calls, voicemails, text messages, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and countless other apps that we have and it's very distracting. I honestly don't think we realize just how distracting and destructive it can be. Each time your attention is diverted from what you are currently focusing on it takes something like15 or 20 minutes to refocus according to research studies. 


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This proves that so much of the multitasking we do is actually ineffective. We may feel like we are getting more done in less time but what’s really happening is we are putting quantity over quality and that is never a good thing. We end up having to go back in later and correct things which actually adds on time. 


I have personally went into my iPhone as well as Facebook and removed many of the notifications I receive from the apps on my phone. I have realized that it is totally fine if I don’t respond to a message in 5 hours because I haven’t checked my Messenger or Instagram. The problem with receiving all of these notifications is that my brain feels the need to respond right away and therefore I stop what I am working on to check the notification and then respond to it. In an attempt to help you with issues such as these I looked up a few apps that help free us from distractions and give us major awareness into our phone usage. 


Just a disclaimer I have not personally used these apps therefore, I do not know the details or if there is any cost associated with using them. There is an app called Cheeky, it’s free and it will tell you how many times a day you unlock your phone. This is an app I’m interested in getting because I’m pretty sure I unlock my phone and use it about 3x as much as I probably think I do. There is another app called Break Free and it tracks your phone and app usage so much so that it can tell you how much of your day is spent texting and how much is spent on the phone talking. 


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When you become aware of how many times a day you unlock your phone, how many times a day you access IG or Facebook, how much time a day you spend texting and talking on the phone it can be eye opening! Talk about gaining some insight into where your daily hours aware going, right?!? 


Looking into these apps or something similar might be worth considering as a first step in making a change and making our day work better for you! When we become aware of what we are doing and spending our time on then we can evaluate whether that’s moving us closer to ur goals or further away from them. If we are getting further away from our goals then we can step back and evaluate in order to make changes where necessary. In addition to these apps, you can also keep a journal (or use the notes app on your phone) to write down what you are doing throughout your day to see if it aligns with your goals/dreams. 



#3. Connect With Yourself


The final tip for getting more out of your day is to truly stop throughout your day and check in with yourself. What I mean by this is taking the time to ask yourself what you need at that very moment. I recommend doing this frequently maybe you do it once every hour or every few hours.


When you truly stop and ask yourself what you need in the moment you connect in such a different and useful way. Allow yourself time to listen to what your mind, body, and soul need. You may find you're extremely thirsty, you haven’t eaten all day and it’s now 2:55 PM, you need some sunshine on your face because you’ve spent the last 3 days inside, or that your body is overly tired and could use a power nap. 


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I can personally be guilty of not eating properly as I will work through breakfast and lunch at times! Then other times it is as simple as needing to drink another glass of water to take myself on a 15-minute walk without bringing any work along! Maybe you are thinking, “I don’t have time for any of that” if so I’d love for you to reconsider. We have the time we just don’t believe that those particular things are more important than what we are doing at the moment or what needs to be done next. I’d like to challenge that belief not only for you but for myself. When we don’t check in with ourselves and give our body, mind, and spirit what it needs to thrive then it will make us take a break. When our body makes us take a break it’s usually not pretty and we aren’t usually capable of doing any work because our body feels so drained. So trust that it’s better to take 20-30 minutes a day for yourself than to be laid out on the couch for 2 weeks with the flu! Oftentimes when we take that time for yourself we come back feeling rejuvenated, encouraged, and inspired. 


Remember, all seven billion of us have the same twenty-four hours in a day and we can totally be successful and productive like some of the others who already are. It just takes practice, discipline, finding what works best for you, and creating a habit. In order to be more productive, we must first be more mindful of where our time is going and then compare that to our goals to see if the two of those are in alignment. 


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Just to recap it’s important that you know what your daily goals and high priority task are before the day begins, you’ve limited your distractions, and you connect with yourself throughout your day. Remember that once you become aware of where your time is going you can really evaluate if it’s taking you closer to where you want to go or further away and then correct if necessary. 


Find yourself needing help with daily motivation, productivity, and eliminating distractions? Are you ready to take control of your day, overcome procrastination, be productive, and eliminate distractions all without overwhelm? If this is you fear no more you’ve made it to the right place. Let’s hop on a complimentary breakthrough session to work through this and get you to taking action without overwhelm. Click here to book your breakthrough session now! 

It’s truly my hope that you have enjoyed these tips and try them out in your life to find what works best for you. I’d love for you to share ONE non-negotiable you have in your day below!