From Regret to Blessing

Ever had someone compliment you on something and your immediate thought be, "if they only knew how I use to be, what I've done in the past, or the mistakes I've made they wouldn't say that to me?"

What do your past mistakes have to do with your current compliment?  Why are you tossing that compliment to the curb faster than they can finish their sentence?

I'm usually the first to admit that there are numerous things I've done that I'm not proud of. I would replay these things over and over in my head and perpetuate the feelings of shame, disappointment, rejection, and frustration. I was making myself miserable. I had totally failed at realizing that I was the one making myself worse. At that point in my life mindset wasn't in my vocabulary. I was completely unaware that I could change my thought processes.

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Over a year ago my eyes (and mind) were opened up to a whole new beautiful world! This was the world of mindset. It didn't require much studying for me to realize that I had been creating more problems for myself instead of healing my old wounds. Instead of focusing on the many blessings I had, the things I have overcome, and the lessons I had learned I was constantly moving forward with a negative mindset. This was totally holding me back so much so that I had quit dreaming long ago. The hard truth was that my thought behavior wasn't serving me or others in the world that's for sure.

Something else surfaced through mindset work, I discovered that I was not a high vibe person. Yes, I was kind, caring, and ready to help others but I wasn't high vibe. In other words, I didn't have an attitude of expectancy, I wasn't doing fun things I enjoyed on a daily basis to create that happy feeling, I wasn't choosing to see my glass as half full on a regular basis. 

Instead I had been focusing on my disappointments, poor choices, and hurts of the past. I was quick to see the negative and harp on it bringing my vibe down on a regular basis.

Through mindset work (click here for four tips for transforming your mindset) I began to realize that becoming high vibe allowed me to have more fun in life, to connect with others, be more compassionate, and to truly step out and inspire others to fiercely pursue their dreams. Hum, yeah, I'm all about being/doing all of those things. So I signed up and committed to changing myself!  

Think about it there is someone somewhere praying to be where you are in your journey right now. #perspective!

We all have much to offer the world and it's when we step out and share with others that what we desire comes to us. Giving is so much more powerful than receiving. This is where your regrets become blessings to others and yourself! Think about the following examples:

> You've overcome a domestic abusive relationship meaning you have gotten out and gotten the help to begin healing. You could volunteer at a shelter to help those who aren't as far along in their journey of healing as you are. You would be an inspiration of what is possible for them!

> You've gotten sober you could become a sponsor at AA or NA. You could also give talks at various events/conferences/conventions/etc.

> You earned your degree (on any level) which qualifies you to tutor others, start a study group, give talks to encourage and empower current students, create a scholarship, etc.


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The list is endless ladies. Just think about what you've come out of, things you've accomplished, and lessons you have learned. Better yet, think about times in your life when you truly could have benefitted from others who had been where you were. What specific area did you need help/support in? Now you are ready to brainstorm ways to help others based on your personal experiences in that particular area. I promise there is a way to share with others who haven't reached where you are yet. Doing this helps you get away from regret because you're now someone's blessing. I've always said if I've helped one person based on a not so great time in my life then I'd do it all over again. I believe we always help more than one person anyways. 

So don't feel like you need to be perfect, totally out of the woods, and 20 years sober to be a blessing to others. You need only be one step ahead!.

Share what you've overcome because that shine's a light in the darkness others are in the middle of walking through. Be their flashlight, it's a healing experience.

Comment below with your favorite way to give back to others. Let's empower one another.