Too perfect and beyond...

Growing up I would hear people say, "practice makes perfect," so in my mind, that is what I believed. If I wasn't good at something that just meant I didn't put in enough practice. While I do believe we can improve by practicing the truth of the matter is we will never become perfect.

With that being said today I want to share with you why I don't aim for perfect and why you shouldn't either. Let me clear the air here as well, this is not a pass to not try, to not put in work, and to not progress. I fully believe you have to put time, energy, money and effort in order to grow. I believe in practice makes progress ladies. I actually did a Facebook live on this topic in my private FB group, Beautifully Driven. You can click here to gain access to the group and watch it if you'd like. 

Before we dive into the three reason's let me share with you an example of how practice makes progress. When you start working out you have to put in time, energy, money and effort, right? The first few days you are really sore, right? But when you look in the mirror after three days you don't look any different, right? The soreness is letting you know that what you are doing is working but the mirror doesn't reflect that yet because it requires more time, energy, and effort. Practice makes progress, in fact, it makes lasting progress! That's what you want something that last.

Let's get to the good stuff!

Reason #1. It prevents you from starting.

When you think that you want to do something it's typical that other thoughts begin to flood in. Thoughts like what all needs to be done for it to turn out great, perfect even. We quickly get to a point where all that would be required in order for our work to be perfect becomes too much and we become paralyzed. We literally freeze up, our negative inner voice begins to tell us all the reason why we can't start now because we don't have the time, we don't have the energy, we don't have the money, we don't have a good enough idea, we don't have what it takes to follow through, and on and on it goes. Then there we are telling ourselves naaaaa maybe later. 

Reason #2. You will quickly begin to feel like you never measure up.

Perfect is something that all of us humans will never be. We were not created to be perfect, we were created with both strengths and weaknesses. So when we try to be perfect and create perfect things all the time we are quickly met with reality. Which is we are not perfect.! This leads to us feeling like we aren't good enough which leads to a dwindling self-worth. Ultimately we feel like no matter what we do it's not good enough and that is a horrible way to feel and even more miserable to live life that way.

Reason #3. You will never see what's possible.

When we aim for perfect we aren't able to truly see what's possible for us. Remember done is better than perfect because we can always go back and edit or tweak things if it is necessary. I'm not saying put out sloppy work, not at all. Definitely, do your best and go for it when you commit to something. The truth is people want to see real people. And real people aren't perfect, so why try to pretend or act like we are? Put yourself out there, your real true self and amazing things will start to come in place for you. 

I want you to commit to going for your dreams, seriously! That's the reason behind this blog. I know many of us are guilty of wanting things and ourselves to be perfect. But I've learned just how dangerous that is to us achieving our dreams. The tagline on my business logo is "Shine through Imperfections" because that's what I do and what I want all of you to do. 

I will never try to come off as perfect and all together because I know I am neither of those things nor will I ever be. But I'm always practicing and progressing becoming a better me than I was the day before. Will you join me on this mission? 

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Blessings, Gratitude, and Love,

Xo Staci