I help women identify what's holding them back then create a customized action plan they can execute without overwhelm.


I'm a life coach for heart-centered women.

If you've got the desire, drive, and passion for something more in your life, but you're still stuck in the same day-to-day monotony, you're in the right place. 

I help heart-centered women go from worn out and stuck to relaxed, started, and confident with their goals, therefore their life.

I went from a small town girl with no dreams, an unhealthy relationship (actually several of them throughout my life), becoming a single mama to a preemie, and utterly lost in my walk with Jesus to completely transformed.

When I say completely transformed I mean completely transformed.

Still a small town girl at heart I began opening myself up to the idea of dreams and thinking about what was possible for my life. I became a first generation college graduate (a 10 year journey) and later started my life coaching business, Big Dreams and Big Hearts which has led me to speak on stages nationwide, be interviewed on numerous podcast, and land an interview on ABC news to name a few things!  

I married a man who treats me better than I ever thought possible & taught me how to have a healthy relationship.

The best part though has been my most recent life transformation. My personal relationship with Christ has bloomed and it feels amazing. As someone who grew up never not believing in Jesus I can't begin to describe how amazing it's been to actually feel connected to His holy word, His Holy Spirit, and talk to him throughout my day everyday at anytime. The spiritual growth I've been experiencing is unlike anything I ever felt possible for me personally.

All of that matters to you because?

Because it plays a crucial role in how I'll help you to identify what's been holding you back from your big goals/dreams, it's a great example of just how much is possible for you, and it's proof that we are never too far gone for God to swoop in and turn our world into all He created it to be. 

I work with you to uncover your needs, wants, blocks, and struggles while then creating a customized doable action plan to change your life. In doing this, you will then be free to dive deeper into the purpose and/or calling God has placed on your life and what living that out looks like.

I'm here to empower you in knowing the truth that God isn't going to leave you despite all the terrible things you feel that you have done in your life. God loves you, in His eyes you are His precious daughter, His pride and joy, and He wants to see you living happily. I'm here to help you develop your Christian mindset and connect to your God-given self through coaching, so you can get your life on track and positively impact your family and community to be respectful and productive members of society helping those in need.

It's time to kick old self-doubt, low self-esteem, and procrastination to the curb because they only wreck your life. Read more about my story and how I became an overcomer below.

When I first entered Staci’s program I thought I knew where I was going, what I wanted to do and even a few steps to get there. Throughout working with Staci I realized I no longer wanted to be the woman sitting around and doing what had become my “norm,” you know the norm of being a mom, of going to church, of just doing what I had to to take care of home. Working with Staci was really great for me because I actually sat down and made some goals. I haven’t done that in such a long time. Focusing on me has been something I haven’t done in so long too. I would definitely suggest others work with her. I realize I’ve been doing a lot of talking and not enough getting quiet so God could speak. I am so thankful to Staci for all of her support, our working together has been such an eye-opening journey and one to bring me into a different space in my life.
— Antoinette Dawson, Mindset Coach